Special Operations Warrior Foundation

- http://www.specialops.org

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation is devoted to providing a college education to every child who has lost a parent while serving in Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps Special Operations during an operational or training mission. The forces covered by the Foundation are stationed in units throughout the United States and overseas bases.

The Warrior Foundation is currently committed to providing scholarship grants, not loans, to more than 700 children. These children survive over 500 Special Operations personnel who gave their lives in patriotic service to their country, including those who died fighting our nation's war against terrorism as part of "Operation Enduring Freedom" in Afghanistan and the Philippines as well as "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

Mission: To provide full scholarship grants and educational and family counseling to the surviving children of Special Operations personnel killed in operational or training missions and provides immediate financial assistance to severely wounded special operations troops and their families.

Number of Students: Over 100 students are enrolled in colleges and universities across the country with funding from the Foundation.

To date, 119 children of fallen special operations warriors have graduated from college. Children from all military services have received or been offered Warrior Foundation scholarships.